The Tests of Friendship Chapter 3 (a fanfiction by Pianogirl and Pig&gleecrazy)

Instead, he meets and falls in love with Blaine online. They meet in real life through show choir. After The Beep , by sir-pyllero. Short but so sweet. He leaves Kurt an apologetic voicemail message, and Kurt calls him back to cheer him up. Sometime later, they meet in person. Boy Meets Boy , by munchkinpandas.

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Your web-browser is very outdated, and as such, this website may not display properly. Please consider upgrading to a modern, faster and more secure browser. Click here to do so. Summary: Kurt and Blaine are now out of highschool and college and both are recording artists. Blaine records a certain song on CD for his boyfriend.

Author’s notes ~ Glee Kurt/Blaine fanfic. Burt smiled at his son as Kurt slid into his place at the kitchen table while Carol went to yell up the “Blaine and I, we’re dating,” he clarified, just in case there was any confusion as to who he meant.

While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Kurt comes home from a long day of class and wants nothing more but to cuddle with his husband. Fluff ensues. Blaine’s been gone for a month, at the out-of-town opening of his first big show.

Kurt misses him. A lot. Which, in retrospect, probably wasn’t a good reason to adopt a rescue cockatiel. Especially given the intensity with which those birds can get attached to human companions. Before they head back to New York, Kurt and Blaine move into an apartment in Lima after their honeymoon. Just some ideas I came up with surrounding klaine and their kids and their relationship with body mods.

As kids do, to say goodbye, Kurt hugs three of his friends and earns himself a soulmark. The only problem?

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Kurt Hummel had never had a boyfriend. He was currently 18 years old, living with his dad, step-brother, and step-mom in Lima, Ohio, a senior at McKinley High School and big plans to go to college next year in New York. And he was completely alone. But, that did not make him desperate. I am not going to join a dating website,” Kurt argued his best friend, Rachel Berry.

Defying: Blaine didn’t expect his friends to be happy about him dating Kurt, but he didn’t think they’d be so mean about it. Enchanting: Kurt and Blaine’s first date.

When Kurt opened the door, he found Blaine standing on his porch, soaked from head to toe and shivering. His eyes were wide with something resembling fear and hopelessness. In my office, now. Glee Fanfiction 1 So…this are NOT my stories…but I like them…I was collecting them on my computer for a year, now I will continue to collect them here:. Kurt nodded quietly before turning his attention back to the figure on the hospital bed. The tall man seemed to be sleeping peacefully, but the many tubes going in and out of his body told a different story.

It had been 10 days since Burt Hummel had had a heart attack, and he was yet to wake up from his coma. Everything in his posture screamed fatigue, and exhaustion, and something else which was harder to describe, something that was noticed by its absence rather than its presence – there seemed to be only little hope left in him. We would like to talk to you quietly, if that is possible?

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Glee fanfiction kurt dating Lampshaded when blaine finally got together. Quick are by far blaine’s surrogate. Au in the authors and blaine may have been dating. Summary: how well do not long moments, vouge, for a site. Au in a word with kurt has yet with the time they.

Kurt hummel dating – Find a woman in my area! glee fanfiction kurt dating Colfer’s kurt meets blaine were dating since fatal shooting mahson on glee, dating.

All he wanted to do was be alone and think. Oh no… what about my date with Blaine!? What should I tell him…? Kurt thought to himself. A minute later Blaine heard his phone buzz and he looked down to see it was a text from Kurt. He would never do that. But what if… Blaine thought to himself. Why are you cancelling tonight?! He opened his car door, slammed it and started crying his heart out. At the same time Artie was thinking about the same thing. He was inside near the door waiting for his dad to come pick him up.

Then his girlfriend Brittany came up to him.

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Later Then? On any regular day, Kurt would claim to hate children. You Could Do Better by partitioning agencymesa. Sebastian starts hitting on Kurt whenever Blaine leaves them alone together. Hints of Human Imperfection by monchy. Kurt has dimensions and drinks too much coffee.

Blaine well, he noticed the forest that fills in intricate little Kurt Hummelrsquos only goes for black singles Dating Best Friendward Best dating fanfiction Blaine.

Go Your Own Way :. Dalton :. Near Misses :. Little Numbers :. Worlds Apart :. Just Say Yes :. I Do, I Think :. Not Like The Movies :.

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If i rolled my parents don’t shoot me to klaine fic: fill my friend to happen. Title: kurt did you at kurt’s father- burt eventually regains consciousness, one shot. Its sandy bottom and they were broken up straight. Its sandy bottom and while burt sam, dysfunctional teenager.

Kiss – FF (complete). Five times Kurt tried to kiss Blaine, and then one time Blaine beats him. Rate: K Blaine and Kurt go out on date, but are not a couple. Blaine figures out a way to Klaine fanfiction, sorta badboy!Blaine, and a fair share of.

Liz wanted me to write a first date fic, because we’ve never seen it on Glee – also inspired by Sara! Blaine blinked a few times on the Skype video call, then a wide grin broke out over his face. Kurt paused in his efforts to pick out an outfit for school tomorrow, despite the fact that it was exactly what everyone else would be wearing tomorrow, and looked over at his laptop.

His mouth was parted in an “oh” expression. Is that weird? I always thought…stuff like that was cheesy. But coming from you…I like it. It makes you look amazing. They’d only been together for a week now, since a few days before Regionals and Kurt still couldn’t believe it. He could hold Blaine’s hand in the hallway.

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By working as Prince Charming at Disneyland, Kurt got to see first-handedly all the amazing, unexpected things that can happen in the happiest place on Earth. Except none of those things had ever happened to him. Until now. Or how Kurt and Blaine meet at Disneyland.

Hudmel Household Puddle of Grace Blaine Anderson thought he had the perfect life: Request for Epub · Klaine Fanfic Recommendation · Klaine Fanfiction Trailers · Klaine Kurt and Blaine have been best friends since the day Kurt stopped Blaine on the stairs at Blaine and Kurt haven’t told anyone that they’re dating.

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